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City Garden, Brooklyn, NYC

Urban Garden, Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn, NYC is as urban as it gets. Our brief for our clients’ Brooklyn backyard was to create ‘a green space for entertaining’. Until recently a warehouse yard, it was infested with knotweed. A critical, initial task was to deal with the knotweed and agree an ongoing management plan with the clients and surrounding neighbours. Our design has transformed this formerly industrial piece of land into a little green oasis in an urban jungle. Four cedar benches wrap around raised planters creating a combination of social and more secluded areas for guests to enjoy time together. As the climbers mature, the cedar pergola will provide a shady retreat from the NYC summer heat. The height of the planters and the pergola are varied to create visual interest in an otherwise flat site. The planting was designed to keep one’s eye in the garden through the careful placement of shrubs, and a Stewertia pseudocamellia tree, which also provides beautiful Autumn colour. Still very much in its infancy, we are looking forward to seeing this garden mature but we are pleased that our clients have been happily entertaining friends in their new garden. Thanks to Dana Bee Plants for ongoing maintenance and photos.