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A Terrassed Vaudoise Garden
  -    -    -    -  A Terrassed Vaudoise Garden

A terrassed Vaudoise garden

Like much of Switzerland, this house is built on a steep hillside. The front garden, a featureless gravel slope held little appeal. There was no path, or link to the back garden and the only access to the house was via steep, uninviting steps.

We were asked to improve the look, feel and flow; to create level areas where the family could sit and play, with space to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables. Less daunting access to the house was high on the list of priorities, as was a wheelchair and pushchair accessible path.

With space tight and complex level changes, we sought creative solutions to the family’s needs: turning room for the car doubles up as a space to play basketball. In-keeping with the local vernacular, curved dry-stone walls, of local Jura sandstone, skilfully built by Taïga Creations resolve the slope into broad useable terraces. Now all that is needed is the softening effect of planting and trees.