Come to our Noel Kingsbury Masterclasses with Macplants nursery, Fri 2nd & Sat 3rd October, 2015

Noel Kingsbury ‘The Rabbit’s Eye View’




We’re not quite sure how hardcore a gardener you have to be to have heard of Noel Kingsbury but to us he is pretty big news.

A renowned plantsman, teacher, designer and wordsmith Noel Kingsbury is perhaps best known for his advocacy of naturalistic and sustainable planting, and his collaborations with Dutch uber-designer/plantsman Piet Oudolf. He also writes a great blog – Noel’s Garden Blog.




Together Piet Oudolf – best known here for his contribution to the High Line in New York, his transformative planting at Scrampston Hall, Yorkshire, installation at the Serpentine Gallery, London and most recently Hauser & Wirth, Somerset – and Noel have written several books transcribing their shared vision into gloriously illustrated book form so that the rest of might benefit from their experience.

Over the years Nicola and I have benefited greatly from their many works – our ever extending library of horticultural tombs is evidence of this, as are our gardens, as are our designs and underlying ethos.

So, eventually arriving at the point we are bowled over to be hosting a Noel Kingsbury Masterclass in association with Macplants Nursery on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October 2015.

Macplants is a renowned, family-run nursery. Gavin McNaughton from Macplants is including a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the nursery so you too can get to know the plants – a rabbit’s eye view, up close and personal. Gavin will be on-hand all day with his encyclopedic plant knowledge.

If the idea of spending the day with a talent like Noel Kingsbury playing around with a whole nursery full of fabulous plants and grasses, thrills you as much as it does us then please come along.

Format for the Day

How long will plants survive? Will they spread? How will my new border look in five years time?

The workshop aims at encouraging participants to observe garden and landscape plants, focusing on their growth through the year, looking at how they compete with each other, how to assess prospects for their longevity and their suitability for a variety of garden locations. Gardeners and designers can then use their experience and knowledge of plants to plan for the maximising of interest and the minimising of maintenance at all seasons.

“I aim to get people thinking about how plants are linked to their natural habitats and ecology and how this connects to the way we use them in gardens. I am particularly interested in getting students to get ‘the rabbit’s eye view’ – believing that close observation of garden plant growing habits and lifecycles can add enormously to our ability to be good gardeners and designers but also add to a better appreciation of our plants.” – Noel Kingsbury


The event will be held at Macplants, Boggs Holdings, East Lothian, EH34 5BA.


10-4pm including lunch. Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October 2015


£60 per person. Register at Macplants, or email

Unfortunately we can’t accept payment online but we can provide details for BACs transfer or you many send a cheque.

There are only 20 places on the workshop and we require full payment in advance to secure a place.

Hurry we expect demand for this event to be high.

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  1. alison coupe Reply

    Hi, I came along to Noel Kingsbury’s recent talk which I thoroughly enjoyed. I think he said that he would circulate some notes, have you seen any sign of them?

    Thanks for organising his visit.

    Alison Coupe

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